Mystr Sal goes

Mystr Sal goes ALL the Way
Longer than usual - can you take ALL the medicine?


  • Nail Polish can Hurt!!!

    detail of hears why

    Name: Cayann, Queen Sal of Lesbesquet
    Name for shipping purposes: MamaMade Farm
    Mailing address: not
    Phone number(s):gone
    Email (please print clearly): insf
    The following information is for funding purposes – and helps us understand who we’re reaching. Filling out the following information is optional and will be kept confidential and not be used in the exhibition in any way.
    5 3 1953

    Race/ethnicity: Everyone is African. My color: PINK

    Gender: MetaGendered, and Y can tell you it's fabulous
    Sexual orientation: North, South, East, West, Sky, Earth
    Where did you hear about Fresh Meat in the Gallery? Y blame MY Online Buddy
    ARTIST BIO: (:-))
    Big. Pink. Different
    Music is MY Medicine. Thinking is MY Sport. Nature is MY Faith.
    Ask or Tell ME Anything.
    Y'm Crazy. Not stupid.

    Spelling does not apply to ME.

    Worked with toxic chemicals like nail polish, and Y will not let it kill me or even make me sick.
    The frame is inside, freeing me from any external control.
    Most of what Y would write is evident in the piece.
    Made it special for you, since you called for art. There is more to this work than can be seen here. Not every one can see everything about this work. We who hang it on the wall can see a lot of the hidden stuff. Maybe not all, though.
    PIECE #9 = H'ears WhY
    Title (if any): Queen
    Year made: today
    Medium: mixed
    Dimensions: as big as a house. ha ha.

  • American Footbinding
    detail of photo below ( from art business )

They do it becuse of the huge incomes, or so we were told.

sculpture by Maxx Sizeler that we didn't see at changing landscapes even though wearing foot deformers will change one's experience of every landscape.

  • Any book written by a self proclaimed pornographer for adults about children having sex is child pornography. Even if it's about lesbian little girls, because lesbians are people too! :-)

  • Eye shadow is attractive even on old hags.

FAQ is the same as fa-q is the same as fuck you

b-f is the same as butt-fuck


Redux and Reflux

Happy Thanksgiving A Fat American Shirt
If you have to wear clothes, check out this little store.

Watch this. It takes 3 minutes.

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Put the coffee on.

Don't have to go to the new say:What?, since wordpress is giving me a hard crease.

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Cowgyrl Tough and Lesbesquet

1720, "magic, enchantment" (especially in phrase to cast the glamour), a variant of Scot. gramarye "magic, enchantment, spell," alt. of Eng. grammar (q.v.) with a medieval sense of "any sort of scholarship, especially occult learning." Popularized by the writings of Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832). Sense of "magical beauty, alluring charm" first recorded 1840. Glamorous is 1882 (slang shortening glam first attested 1936); glamorize is 1936.
Online Etymology Dictionary

More interesting definitions of glamour at Dictionary.com


1933 -2006

James Brown

a hard-working man


Lesbesquet Is A Pagan

but here's an x-mas thing anyway that Jessica at feministing found, and it's funny. Sort of.

And here's another x-mas thing she posted that is not funny at all and it reminds me of another reason why Y am Pagan.


Dangerous Lesbians At Marian High School

Lesbians at MY ALMA MATER! Who would have guessed?

photo by Dick Hunt/Daily Tribune
J. Charlene Genther of Royal Oak was fired from Marian High School after she began publicizing her autobiography in which she reveals she is a lesbian.

This hot dyke was a formother in the seventies and wrote a book about it titled Badge 3483 A True Story :
"By the time I was 16, I had formulated four goals for myself. Those goals were: to become a police officer, to have a baby by natural childbirth like my Cherokee ancestors, to kiss a woman and to sky dive. Accomplishing three out of four isn't too bad."

She did a lot of dangerous, frightening things, especially while a Detroit City Police Officer. Probably none was as awful as associating with Marian High School. Y ought to know, and Y do. Maybe she could have at least had some fun while there, as Y did, by replacing

this insignia on her uniform

with this one:

We had no security guard, though.

If you want to look at the site where Y actually was bored to tears, (except for dear Sister Pat's art room) for 3 1/2 long long long years, you can check it out. If you have time, you can read the rules which go on for almost a HUNDRED pages. Hope Y inspired at least a couple of them. Doesn't it seem strange that their god only needed 10 rules? Guess he wasn't obsessed with skirt length. Idle hands and short skirts are the Mother's workshop. Ha ha ha. Mmmmmm......

Thanks to Lesbian Connection for bringing this putrid episode of hipocracy to my attention.