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Do You Know Enough to Enlist?

Iraq costs are crushing army, top general warns from Final Call.com News - exerpt:
"The military has greatly intensified its recruitment efforts, relaxed its age and education requirements for enlistment, and offered unprecedented bonuses and benefits packages —worth thousands of dollars—to enlistees and active-duty soldiers who re-enlist.

It has also increased enlistments by individuals with “’serious criminal misconduct” in their records,” and eased requirements of non-citizens––of which there are currently about 40,000 in the armed services––and made them eligible for citizenship after only one day of active-duty military service. "

From: 10 Tips For Visiting a Recruiter
"Bonus Tip: The Buddy Deal. Services have programs where friends who sign up together can go through training together, be stationed together or even start with advanced rank and pay just because you sign up together. Be sure to ask your recruiter about the current availability of this and other bonuses. "
And be sure to neither ask nor tell. Oh, and when you visit the site, make sure you get the Mitlitary.com toolbar! Wonder how much spyware is on that thing....hmmmmm.......


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