Bambi - Dead

In my neck of the woods, today is the day when the great white hunters go gun to head against four-legged bucks. It is a day off for students. When Y first moved here they called it "Opening Day of Deer Season". Then they changed it to "Harvest Day". My friend's kids' school calls it "Safety Day". They should call it "Dodge All Bullets Day". Except, it's not a day - it goes on until January. Myself: just can't get enough gun play!

What is so convenient is that if you can get someone to go hunting with you, and they happen to get shot, it is just an unfortunate hunting accident. Even if it is your brother who is porking your wife! Guess you already know about the hunting accident pass from the time when the vp shot his buddy. This is one manly perk that applies to rich and poor alike.


At 11/15/2006 12:57 PM, Anonymous Janean said...

I was introduced to the great deer hunt as though it were a high holy day. People who hunted and those who loved them called November 15 "St. Antler's Day". It does resemble a holiday on many fronts -- no school, most men and boys off in the woods, special Hunter's Dinners planned in every small community . . . There's an air of revelry with guns going off and lots of beer consumed. I've always found it in my own best interest to focus on some life-affirming activity during this season in order not to feel overwhelmed and crazy about the massive amounts of time and money invested into this archaic ritual slaughter of innocent animals.

At 11/15/2006 2:44 PM, Blogger Lesbesquet said...

Y second that emotion.


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