Michigan My Michigan

Got this link to the Michigan Women's Hall Of Fame from Marge Piercy's site. Ms Piercy is being inducted along with others including Aretha Franklin . One must wonder: "What took so long?" Mustn't one?

Found in this list of fabulous Daughters of Gycheegoomee is one Womyn who had such a healing effect on me when Y was a Gyrl in danger of slipping into another place. Go and read the first words you see, savor the images. Y first read these words when Y was 6 or 7 and had no inkling that anyone else felt as Y did. Talk about powerful Magyc. There is no way to appreciate Ms Frostic's work on the internet due to the factors like the printing process and the papers and inks used. So you better take advantage of their offer to send you a free booklet.

Life Saver


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