Macaca Mouth vs. Man With Good Plan

So the guy was not re-elected, he came pretty darn close. Too close for comfort. Then why are we so comfortable?
Come to think of it, Y am very uncomfortable knowing that a proud white racist was only narrowly defeated. The fact that he wasn't forced to immediately withdraw from politics in this country by peer pressure, well, silence is golden. Then it turns into gassy showers.
Or lures a lynch mob.
Or gangs up into war teams.
What percentage of news stories involves killing? Doesn't it seem like a lot? Have you noticed how WW2 has been romantacized? Let us recall: War Is Hell.
N O sN O sN O sN O sN O sN O sN O s

Listen to Alexander Jefferson tell it like it was when he was an active duty Tuskegee Airman. But he doesn't just talk about the past. Listen to the end, where he lays out THE PLAN. It's so simple, it can work.
Do you know: It works, if you work it?


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